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Fyn Day is a British author and script-writer born Kevin Markwick Day in Hampshire on May 27th 1959 and now living in Fareham, England. He is the author of two novels, 'The Alice Factor', published in 2002 by Blue Sky Press, and 'Lauren', temporarily withdrawn but now being prepared for publication in the near future.

Fyn Day is currently writing mostly for film, but previously had been writing short stories and humorous articles for publication in the small press and monthly magazines. A full list of published work will follow. He began writing fiction after a short story of his won a competition sponsored by a local paper, although he had previously edited a national magazine, written copy for an advertising agency, and worked as a technical author. At this time, it became evident that there was some confusion with an existing writer producing mostly humour for TV, also called Kevin Day. To avoid this confusion Fyn changed the spelling of his first name - 'Kevin' to 'Cfyn' - which most friends shortened to 'Fyn', now the author's name of choice.

Fyn Day's first novel began life as a dissertation for his Masters Degree in Creative Writing, completed in the year 2000, and awarded by an accredited college of The University of Southampton on the 12th September 2001. At that time Sir Howard Newby was vice-chancellor.

Fyn Day's 'The Alice Factor' was prepared for publication by Hugo Donnelly, who sadly died before completing a foreword for a planned second edition timed to coincide with the publication of 'Lauren'. Both books were withdrawn, 'The Alice Factor' is now once more available for purchase and Fyn has recently agreed to work with a new editor to progress 'Lauren'.

Most recently Fyn Day has been collaborating with DJ Simon Licourinos on a new Blue Sky Press project, and with musician Mike Fry on FryDay Sounds.

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